X++ Chronicles : How to cache a variable using SysGlobalCache

In case “SysGlobalCache” doesn’t ring any bells, I suggest taking a look here to begin with : https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamicsax-2012/developer/how-to-use-the-sysglobalobjectcache-class-for-better-performance For the sake of the exercise, let’s say you need to drag along with you in the entire session a variable. This can be achieved very easy when you are passing args, as long as you have […]

X++ Chronicles : How to use JumpRef feature in Dynamics Finance

While searching for a method to implement the ‘Go to main table’ functionality I found an easy way to develop it using ‘jumpRef’. The jumpRef method, known as “View Details”, is frequently used to create a reference from within a table record to another one allowing navigation between tables in a single click. There are […]

Dynamics 365 Auth Proxy Example

As mentioned on the Dynamics 365 for Operations Wiki OData Services, JSON-based Custom Service, and REST Metadata Service support standard OAuth 2.0 authentication. Dynamics 365 for Operations currently supports Authorization code grant flow. When i was writing this article, only one kind of application was supported: Native client application – This flow uses a user name and password for […]

Reports to Email from X++

Many of us may be in need to share Reports directly to Email. Dynamics 365 for Operations uses SSRS to execute reports (same as AX 2012). Bellow is a runnable class example that will help you implement what you need. For the Example below consider you have a Customer report that uses a dataset based […]

Get & Update Default Dimensions

The following example, will show how to set the value of a dimension within the default dimensions of a record (Ex: set AccountNum as Default Dimension on Vendor/Customer) in Dynamics 365 for Operations. Make sure that your model also references Dimensions and SourceDocumentationsTypes models.You need this because the classes & variables used , are for the moment present in […]

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