Reports to Email from X++

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Many of us may be in need to share Reports directly to Email.

Dynamics 365 for Operations uses SSRS to execute reports (same as AX 2012). Bellow is a runnable class example that will help you implement what you need.

For the Example below consider you have a Customer report that uses a dataset based on CustTable:

class ReportToEmailExampleRunnableClass  

    public static void main(Args _args)

        Map                             queryContracts;
        MapEnumerator                   meQueryContracts;
        Query                           currentQuery;
        QueryBuildDataSource            dataSource;
        SrsReportDataContract           contract;

        SrsReportRunController controller = new SrsReportRunController();
        SRSPrintDestinationSettings printSettings;
        SrsReportEMailDataContract emailContract;

        // set report name
        controller.parmReportName(ssrsReportStr(TestCustomReport, PrecisionDesign1));

        // create email contract
        emailContract = new SrsReportEMailDataContract();

        // fill in the email contract details
        emailContract.parmSubject("Test Report");
        emailContract.parmTo("[email protected]");

        // get print settings from contract
        printSettings = controller.parmReportContract().parmPrintSettings();

        // update print settings with email contract and use pdf format in the attachment

        // suppress the parameter dialog

        // Set any required parameter values here by first getting the report contract.
        contract = controller.parmReportContract();
        // Retrieve the query map and set dynamic parameter values
        queryContracts = contract.parmQueryContracts();
            meQueryContracts = queryContracts.getEnumerator();
                currentQuery = meQueryContracts.currentValue();
         // Set the datasource for query parameter
                dataSource = currentQuery.dataSourceName("CustTable");
                    SysQuery::findOrCreateRange(dataSource,fieldNum(CustTable, AccountNum))


        // start operation



Articles used for reference:

AX 2012 – How To: Directing Reports to Email

Dynamics community – SRSReportServerWarmup – Setting dynamic parameter value(s)

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