One-touch release

The Shift in continuous integration & delivery

Enhance your CI/CD by relying on our DevOps services and worry less about setting up, installing, and operating infrastructure on your own. Gain business agility, shorter time to market, and higher code quality.

Higher productivity & throughput

DevOps helps your company increase productivity while reducing costs. By using our DevOps services, your software engineers stay focused on your core.

Smart Detection

Our DevOps tools will add Machine Learning analysis that can detect performance anomalies and deviations from the baseline. We correlate insights across multiple platforms for troubleshoot & debug, can suggest optimizations, do RCA (root cause analysis) and more.

Our DevOps Tools and Technologies

CI/CD Pipelines

Azure, GitLab, BitBucket Pipelines, etc.

Containers (Docker)

Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) , Amazon EKS, Alibaba Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK)


AZ CLI, Bash, PowerShell, Python, Perl, AWS CLI, Ruby etc.

Monitoring & Logging

ELK (Elasticsearch - Logstash - Kibana), Splunk, Azure Monitor & Log Analytics, Grafana, Sentry etc.

Test Plans

Exploratory, Load and Performance Testing

Cloud Arhitecture

Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, Alibaba Cloud

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