Little is the new thing

Service-Oriented Applications

Acting like an alive puzzle, microservices can help you orchestrate better your applications with minimal deployment impact.
With a higher reliability, better scalability and a faster releasing rate, these little independent services are a serious alternative versus the monolithic apps.

recommended for AGILE FrameworkS

A microservices architecture supports more agile development, deployment and updates with only little chuncks of the applications being changed. The perfect tool of choice in market in terms of development frameworks like scrum, kanban or nexus. 

Azure's way. Service Fabric

Service Fabric is Azure’s core infrastructure main player and also to other Microsoft services such as Azure SQL Database, Dynamics 365 Suite, Skype for Business, Azure Data Factory and many more.
Constantly monitoring the available infrastructure and resource needs of applications it is in charge with enabling automatic scale, rolling upgrades, and self-healing from faults.

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